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Holocaust Torah in Excellent Condition
Holocaust Torah in Excellent Condition
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       We offer the following services: 

  • We will help you find the right Torah to fit your specific needs and wants, whether it will be a new Torah or a used one.
  • When a Synagogue commissions a new Torah, it is customary to make a ceremony at the beginning called a "Hascholos Sefer Torah" where donors participate in the actual writing of the first lines of the Torah. At the end, another ceremony called a "Siyum Sefer Torah" is made, where people are honored with completing the last letters of the Torah. When you purchase a new Torah from us, we will come to help you with the ceremony beginning and completing the Torah.
  • We offer complete Torah repair services. We can often fix Torahs which have fading or cracking letters.
  • We offer educational programs for adults and children.